Coolest High Chair Ever

I wish I could tell you where you can go buy one of these, but unfortunately it’s a custom piece of furniture that a friend of my brother-in-law’s made for his granddaughter. She’ll either grow to love giraffes or to be scared of them, but I would definitely argue that this giraffe high chair is the coolest thing ever.


Giraffe High Chair

Giraffe High Chair - Front

Giraffe High Chair - Side View


  1. This is the absolute coolest thing I have ever seen. I have been collecting giraffes since I was 16 years old (I’m now days shy of 53) and I would order one of these in a heartbeat. I am now taking care of my grandchildren and would love to feed them in a chair like this. If anyone out there can make one of these, I’ll be your first order!!!!!

  2. Christy Johnson says:

    I LOVE this and would love to have one too!! It is soo remarkable;)

    • I agree we’re fixing to be great grand parents and this is perfect for the babies room is being done in giraffes
      I could see the face of the grand children we already have oh my goodness, they would just love this

  3. hehe niceness to awesomeness… hope it won’t freak my boy out.. haha

  4. Wow…this is awesome! The coolest high chair i’ve ever seen. What a pitty that this rocking chair is not for sale :)

  5. the carpet on the floor is awesome usak Turkish it

  6. This is the cutest baby highchair i have ever seen, to bad they are not for sale.
    If anyone is thinking of making these please let me know.

  7. april harrison says:

    Should make to sale I so would love one

  8. How cool I would order one. My daughter has been collecting giraffes for a few years and my granddaughter I’m sure would love it.

  9. Yecenia Quintana says:

    Where can I order one?

  10. Heidi call says:

    Maybe he can make them to sell …make some extra cash’s absolutely amazing.. I won buy one as well

  11. Anna Martinez says:

    I’m not a grandmother and don’t have a baby but I love my niece daughter I would love to purchase it for her….

  12. I would love to purchase one for my son. Does anyone have his contact info so I can ask if he would take a custom order right now????

  13. Nancy Hall says:

    Yes we would like the contact info of the builder of this to ask if we could get one made too?

  14. Susan Petracco says:

    Thanks for all the recent comments, guys. I don’t have the contact information or even the builder’s name. Sorry I can’t help!

  15. I would love one of they’d for my baby who can make me one and how much please some one help me

  16. The giraffe high chair is so cool and unique.

    My daughter-in-law loves giraffes, is a matter of fact my son proposed to her at the zoo in front of the giraffe exhibit.

    She is now expecting their first child, my grandson and this would be a awesome gift to give them.

    I would definitely be interested in purchasing one.

  17. Tania Macneil says:

    How can I get one of these? My daughter absolutely LOVES giraffes and has seen this! It would mean a lot to be able to give this to her!

  18. How can I buy this?

  19. This is definitely one of a kind. What a creative mind. The man who made this should be starting a business for making these. Obviously he made this one very special for you but if he could make other animal high chairs this beautiful I’m sure they wouldn’t sell cheap

  20. Oh my this is very nice. You have talent.

  21. Shelia Nelson says:

    Where is this sold and how much?

  22. I love it! Would love to purchase one.

  23. Gabrielle LugaricHicks says:

    This is fabulous! If I were a tot and sat in that high chair, I would be mesmerized by the giraffe…and maybe forget to eat…

  24. I want’s so cute

  25. I am absolutely in love with this I would order one for my daughter. My husband and I have been collecting Giraffes and would love this for our little girl. I know it was a one off just appreciating the work done. Amazing. She is very lucky.

  26. Diana Cote says:

    This is amazing!!!!! I’ve always loved giraffes and this is spectacular!

  27. Jillian serena says:

    Wow! If anyone knows where you could find something like this or if you were selling these I would buy one immediately for my niece who LOVESSS giraffes ❤️

  28. donna glenn says:

    that is totally amazing my granddaughter would have loved to have had something like that for her son

  29. Candace Pilkinton says:

    I wish I could by one :(

  30. JoyLynn Volkman says:

    Is it possible to get the persons info who made this chair. I’m in love with giraffes and this would make my day if I had this for my child !!!

  31. Bobbi Walker says:

    Thank you for posting a side view. I couldn’t imagine how a child could eat with the giraffe face directly in theirs. Absolutely amazing. Quite the talent. I understand it was a custom piece – a labor of love. How could you ever put a price on something like that? He should copyright his design though. I’m sure there will be knock-offs in the near future.

  32. Donatella says:

    That’s absolutely the most amazing chair I’ve ever seen! Love giraffes!

  33. This is fantastic!! I also am a giraffe lover/collector. My grandchild are all to old for this now, but I would use it as a desk next to a chair!!!

  34. Mary Griffiths says:

    I think this is the most amazing giraffe I have ever seen!! My 16 year old daughter passed 6 years ago due to cancer. She Loved giraffes!! Since her passing all her friends have given me the most beautiful giraffe pieces. From jewelry to paintings. I can’t tell you how many statues I have in my home! But this piece is amazing!! My oldest daughter just got engaged last night :) Of course my first thought when I saw your beautiful piece was that I can’t wait for grand babies!! If you ever do decide to make and sell these – Please contact me. This is Amazing!!!

  35. I absolutely am in love with this. It is seriously the coolest high chair EVER. I would love to get one for my son. Does ANYONE know where I can find one??

  36. Wow…..he def has quite the business going if he ever wants to sell!!!! How long do you suppose it took him to make this? Incredible talent…thanks for sharing.

  37. Peggy Sue says:

    It would be great to take chair to manufacturer, have a mold made and then could reproduce , just not in wood .Could be a great source of college money for grandchildren

  38. Absolutely beautiful…..but the head looks like it is in three different positions from the pics…..hmmmm.

  39. OMG I love it I have collected giraffes for years and would love to have one of theses besides my best friend is expecting and ifbi have more grandkids I could put them in it to feed them I just love it .He is a shear genius who made this.

  40. Judy R Overturf says:

    Please contact me if you would like make another to sell. I would be very interested. This is Phenomenal!!!

  41. kimleebasehore says:

    I would buy this in a heartbeat. I love giraffes!!! Very Beautiful

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