Choosing Cool Bedroom Furniture for Your Teenager

If you have decided to redecorate the bedroom of your teenager, then you will be well aware that this is the time in your child’s life where they begin to assert their independence. No longer can you just go out to the local home improvement store and purchase the kind of decoration that you think they would like.

teen bedroom

Most parents with teenage children will know that they typically complain that there bedroom décor is not cool and trendy enough for a teen. Those color schemes and decorations that they loved when they were 9 or 10 years old are now making them feel as though they are a small child, and that is something that no teenager wants, especially when they have friends over to visit.

Once your teenage son or daughter begins to complain about the childish looking décor in their bedroom, they will probably keep reminding you of it incessantly. So, if you want a quiet life, then you are going to have to make plans to refurbish their bedroom in order to keep them happy, and above all, quiet. Of course, it will not be just a new coat of paint that they will want; they will probably want to have brand new bedroom furniture to go with it.

Like buying most things for teenagers, more often than not, they will reject most of the options that you provide them with, as they start to assert their independence. So it is important that you can include them as much as possible in the process of buying their new bedroom furniture. This will go some way in making sure that they end up with the furniture that they want, rather than you changing everything whilst they are at school. This is risky, because they are less likely to love your choice of bedroom furniture, simply because it was chosen by you, rather than by them.

When the time finally comes to selecting the bedroom furniture, then what type of furniture you choose will depend largely on the size of the room in question. If there is enough room, then try and buy them a bigger bed. This will help in two ways, firstly they will feel more grown up and secondly, when the time comes for them to move out, they can take the bed with them, and it is one less item of furniture that they have to worry about buying in the future.

For smaller bedrooms, a double bed is probably best avoided, however, you may want to buy a bed that is raised like a bunk bed, but instead of having another bed underneath, there is room for a desk. That way you are getting two uses out of the same amount of floor space, plus you do not have to provide them with a desk in another part of the home.

Additional items of furniture that you need to consider are nightstands, tallboys, bookcases and other items that can be used for storage. Your teenager will have probably discarded their toys and moved on to other things such as books and CD’s and DVD’s, so it is a good idea to allow enough storage space for some of these items.

Choosing bedroom furniture for a teenager’s bedroom should not be too difficult so long as you include them within the selection process.

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