Picking the Right Furniture for Your Children

Selecting furniture for your children’s room can prove quite challenging and a daunting task. You surely would like to decorate the children’s room with furniture that not only fulfill their needs but is also comfortable and attractive. Here is a chance for you to use your imagination and creativity to the fullest. The need for furniture in children’s room differs from age to age. Following are some points that you can keep in your mind before selecting furniture for your children’s room:

Consider the Age

child furnitureThe most important thing while selecting furniture for children’s room is their age. Each age group has its own needs and requirements. Bright colors are the choice of young children and if they are toddlers, the first thing that should be considered is safety and comfort. The furniture with a number of drawers is quite helpful in toddlers’ room because they will come handy when you will need to keep small things to avoid mess in the room. The furniture requirements for teenage group are completely different. They should have more functional furniture such as a desk is very important for writing and reading; if not very big but a small one is necessary where at least they can keep their required books and notebooks. They may also need a bulletin board where they can hang up the information about up-coming projects or some important papers so that the information remains in front of them.

Have a Discussion with Your Child

discussing your child's roomIf the child is old enough to tell his or her choice, it is important to ask their choice of color scheme in the room. It will be easier for you to select the kind of furniture required when you go to buy furniture for your child’s room. You can also ask him to draw a rough picture of what he thinks his room should look like or what are his basic requirements. This way you may have a different viewpoint about your child’s room furniture and he may prove to be a great source of inspiration about improvements in your plan. Do not buy any unwanted thing that is not suitable for your child’s bedroom. The child would think that it has been imposed on him and your money also goes waste.

Thinking as Your Child Does

think like a child

If you start thinking as your child for some time, you will find yourself in a completely different world. You will see that the shelves should not be at such a height that they are unreachable for your child. The other thing is coat hooks. They also should be at such a height that it becomes easier for the child to hang the school bag, jackets or other such items. Keep sufficient storage for games like puzzles or other such activities.

Maximize Use of Flooring

Like all other rooms, the floor area also plays a big role while selecting furniture for children’s room. After measuring the bedroom area, draw rough lines of each item of the furniture on a paper that you want to place in your child’s room. Drawing on paper gives you an advantage of seeing the items from different angles and it makes it easier for you to do the necessary shuffling. This way you will purchase only those furniture items that are absolutely important and can fit in the bedroom giving sufficient space to the child to roam about the room.

Quality and Budget

Quality does not come cheaper but now-a-days there are so many options in the markets that after some research you may get a good deal. Furniture should be sturdy because children use it roughly. You may get tempted for some immediate solution but then it may prove a wrong decision in the long run. Be realistic and allocate yourself a budget that is not heavy on your pocket. Buy only those things that are important. This way you will be buying quality items. Also look for the pieces that can be changed in future according to your child’s requirements.

This way we can say that there are many things that should be considered before buying furniture for children’s room. It should not only be attractive, functional and sturdy but it should make you and your child happy and satisfied.

Modern Italian Design Furniture for Children’s Room

Modern style, top-notch materials and versatility are three of the many reasons why Italian furniture is being loved by the modern day customers. Also, the fact that many Italian pieces can be customized to meet the needs of the limited spaces, is adding to its popularity. There is a range of amazing selections featuring alluring colors and textures. The fabric available in this range is comfortable and soft, yet modern and linear. A range of fabrics are available, with the option of stitching them in a different color. It not only has a plush appearance but is also durable and sturdy at the same time. Smart designs fitted into the smallest of spaces; help transform a cluttered room into an area of integrated brilliance.

Designing Children’s Room can be Fun

Modern Italian DesignItalian design furniture is getting popular by the day. Especially, while designing children’s rooms, the range offered in the Italian designs is very appealing. The vibrant colors and latest designs are widely available in the market. Designing a child’s room can be very interesting and a lot of fun. One can involve the kids in the process and make it a fun-filled activity. Picking out the wall colors, the theme of the room in general etc can be quite a task at hand.

Bright colors are the primary requirement of a kid’s room as they help in setting the tone, mode and the energy levels of the occupant. Pinks and lilacs are a girl’s favorite, while the boys are more into themes and the furniture that can be moved around or converted into other forms according to their usage. Some of the popular ones are Princess Range, Space Range, Truck Range, Waves Range, Ruler Range, Flash Range and Mickey Range. The whole room is set in its tone with matching or contrasting curtains and wall colors.

Utility with Low Maintenance

Modern Italian FurnitureWith so much to choose from, it is very difficult to design a child’s bedroom because as a parent, one wants to get the best for the child. Therefore, one needs to be very careful before picking out the right furniture and colors that go along well with the child’s preferences. One has to keep in mind the child’s age and moods before deciding on this. The modern day room decorations are low maintenance and are used for more than one purpose, which brings in the versatility in it. Some rooms feature bunk beds for kids, some feature twin bedding option and some even make use of the space by placing the bedding right next to the study. All these characteristics make Modern Italian Furniture the perfect nominee for kids’ bedroom furniture.

Accessories for Synchronization

It is quite difficult to manage an attractive design and durable furniture for a child’s bedroom, as it should be able to withstand the ongoing onslaught and the mess created by kids. It is very important to design a child’s bedroom or playroom in such a way that it reflects the child’s personality and allows him/her to enjoy pleasant surroundings while playing, studying and growing. Also, synchronizing the child’s room with the rest of the décor of the house can be a challenge. During the early days, a child’s room generally comprised of a bed, wardrobe and a study desk, while nowadays there are a lot of room accessories to choose from. There are bunk beds, single beds, children’s wardrobes and children’s desks with matching drawers, curtains, bed sheets and many more. The list of possibilities is endless.

Mix and Match

modern children's furnitureIn the modern world, colors and styles can be mixed and personalized to the child’s tastes and requirements. Pieces of furniture can be excluded or included in accordance with the usage. Contemporary Italian Furniture caters to a child’s need from his/her early childhood to late teens. Prices of these home furnishings vary from styles to the amounts of pieces required. The designer’s mastery can give it quite a visual effect.

Innovative furnishings may be quite attractive and will hold the child’s attention for longer. Most significant part of Italian furniture is that it is manufactured using ecological panel and colors, to honor the environment. The models are realized with non-toxic materials and correspond to the regulations in terms of protection of the environment and health. Therefore, it ensures that the child is growing an environment friendly atmosphere.

Kids’ Sofas

Kid's Sofa in Blue
Buying kids furniture can be a bit of a sad moment for parents when they look at all the sweet and tiny furnishings and just wish they were small enough to use them. But hey, that’s what kids are for! You can still buy that cute little sofa and get the pleasure out of watching your children enjoy them. But apart from the joy your children will get out of having their very own sofa, kids sofas can be quite practical as well.

Instead of your children constantly struggling to get up onto your adult-sized sofa at home, buying theme a kids sofa could be a very sensible solution. Especially if you’ve invested a lot of money in a good quality sofa, the last thing you want is to have your children clambering all over it and ruining the fabric. With a kids sofa, your children will no longer have to struggle and you won’t have to worry about replacing your sofa any time soon.

By buying a kids sofa, you can minimise the likelihood of getting juice, spaghetti or chocolate stains squashed into your expensive sofa cushions. With a kids sofa, you can just let children be children. It will eliminate the need to get upset over spillages and will allow your children the freedom to play, no matter what they may be eating or drinking in the process. A kids sofa is truly a great way of making your child feel special. The fact that your son or daughter can sit on the couch and be perfectly in proportion to it will make them feel more like a grown up too.

Surprising your child with a sofa of their own can be a fun experience, but what could be even more exciting is to take them to the store with you to pick out their sofa themselves. If your daughter loves her Disney Princesses for example, finding a small sofa that has all her favorite characters on it could make her the happiest girl in the world!

If you are decorating a baby’s room in preparation for your new arrival, you may want to consider putting in small pieces of furniture. A miniature sofa can be a delightful addition to the baby’s room. If you don’t know the gender of your child yet, don’t worry. There are many children’s sofas out there that have neutral patterns and colors. Yellow is a very popular color choice and images of farm animals is a very popular pattern option.

Here are a few things to consider when buying a kids sofa: Size – If you have a 5 year old, don’t buy a toddlers sofa, it’s as simple as that! Buying one that’s slightly too big is better, because at least your child will be able to grow into it.

Price – Although those tiny sofas are cute, remember that kids grow and it won’t be long until they have grown out of it, so don’t spend a fortune on it. If you do choose a pricier model, consider selling the sofa once your child has grown too big for it. If it is well looked after, another child will be able to enjoy it for a few years as well.

Loose Covers – Kids are messy, that’s a fact. Although adults are also prone to the occasional spillage, kids usually aren’t incredibly co-ordinated yet and are therefore more likely to drop things onto the sofa. Sofas with removable cushions and covers can easily be washed.

As you can see, kids sofas can bring great joy to the whole family. Whether you place it in the living room, playroom, or bedroom, a kids sofa will give your children a nice place to sit and play and will make them feel oh so special!

5 Important Things To Look For When Buying Children’s Furniture

Buying children’s furniture is an important aspect of a children’s bedroom as it is going to be the place that they develop their knowledge of the world, so it is very much worthwhile putting time, effort and care into whatever furniture you purchase for their room.

Sleigh CribRemember that a child’s room is their room so they will have their own tastes and it can be a very good idea to let them help choose the furniture, colours and designs with you so that they feel included and part of the process.

Kid’s furniture is not just about appearance and looking nice, there is also the need to make sure that the furniture is safe, secure and sturdy to stand the test of time.

We have taken sometime to outline 5 key areas to look out for when buying your children’s furniture.

1. Durability

First of make sure that the wood or material used is going to last through the years as kids have a tendency to be quite rough with furniture at young ages. Wood such as oak is very good quality which is perfect for this type of furniture, where as a wood such as pine is not so good and can also stain quite easily as well.

2. Safety

A very important aspect to take into account is to make sure that the furniture bought is of course fully safe for your child and this means inspecting it and testing it out before you buy. Any of the big branded names have thorough health and safety regulations to meet before they produce furniture, however as most kid’s furniture requires assembly there can be loose bolts, ladders on bunk beds and weak hinges. The lesson to take here is to make sure you double check the end product once assembled as the health and safety of your child’s room is ultimately your responsibility.

Desk and Hutch


Space is always a concern for parents as kids have a superb ability to accumulate large amounts of toys and junk through the years. With this in mind it is very important that you think about the functionality of furniture you buy, for example, if you buy a bed, then make sure it has pull out draws for underneath it or that the table you buy has draws for pencils, paper etc.

4. Ability to Grow with Child

Remember that children can grow up quite fast and as they do their opinions and tastes change, so think about this when buying them furniture. This is why themed furniture is not always the best idea if you don’t want to have to keep changing it as they get older and their tastes in things change.


With the economy being tough these days it is a very good idea to shop around both on the high street stores and also online as the internet generally has the best deals and prices to offer for furniture.

If you follow these pieces of advice you should avoid some of the pitfalls that others have found when buying children’s furniture and also save a little bit of money as well!

The Importance of Kids Desks

As a mother of three, I’m starting to see just how important it is for my kids to have their own space to “work”, and we’ve started looking for desks for each of them.For a long time, they colored pictures at the kitchen table, but it’s a huge benefit to be able to send them to their own spaces when they need time apart, whether they are fighting or just need to concentrate.

Kids Desks for Homework

Kids Desk for HomeworkMy oldest is in elementary school and has real homework, and he needs a place where all of his supplies are at close hand, and that isn’t so close to the TV that he’s easily distracted. He also needs a storage area to keep his library books and school supplies, and an area he can “decorate” and make his own, so he feels a sense of ownership and pride in the space.

Kids Desks for Art

Kids Desk for ArtAll of my children like art, but my middle child needs the most help finding an appropriate outlet. For her, we’re looking for something that looks exciting and stimulates her creativity. Lots of colors, an easel perhaps, and storage for all of her creations are the requirements. And as before, places to keep supplies so they are always at hand (and near paper, not the furniture or walls!)

Toddler Desks

Toddler DeskAnd for my youngest, who is three, we want something that makes her feel like a big girl, equal in importance to her older siblings, but still age appropriate. Some of the great kids desks are available in smaller sizes that are perfect for preschoolers, with bright colors and contemporary lines that keep them fashionable.

Whatever you choose, finding a kid’s desk that is comfortable and functional is important to helping them develop skills such as drawing, writing, and completing homework once they are in school.

Why Toddler Beds Rule

A child becomes a toddler when he learns to walk. He’s not still a baby, but not a big kid yet either. It’s a bit of in-between ground for children. It’s a big step to move from a crib to a big-kid bed! This is why toddler beds are so great.

Toddler beds are closer to the ground than normal beds, which makes a nighttime fall much less painful. They also typically have rails that prevent most falls. The smaller size makes them great for small rooms, and they keep children from feeling “lost” in a big-kid bed.

To save money, look for a crib that can be converted into a toddler bed as your child grows. They can usually be converted with just a few simple tools, though a few may need a conversion kit to complete the assembly.

Because toddler beds are smaller than regular beds, be sure to buy the right toddler bedding to make sure it fits. Although SIDS is not a big concern for toddlers, it’s still safer and definitely looks better to have sheets and a quilt or comforter that fits the bed well.

Remember to praise your child as he transitions from a crib to a toddler bed. This is a big deal and something he (and you!) should be proud of!