Converting a Bedroom into a Nursery

Andersen Crib in MapleThere comes a time for every family where you have to start planning for a room for your pride and joy to occupy. However, it is often the case that the space set out for your young child is already populated by adult furniture such as beds, wardrobes and office furniture.

Initially, you have to consider what new furniture you’ll need for the baby and where the furniture that’s already in the room will go when it gets replaced. Set out a strategy of the conversion process and how you plan to organize and fill the room.

When working with a small space, ensure that you are using what’s available effectively and efficiently; getting the best layout will ensure that accessibility is at its full potential. Obviously having the luck of a large area to work with will mean that there is plenty of leeway in both how much equipment can fit in and where things can go.

If you’re struggling to think of what furniture and equipment needs to be in a nursery, create a checklist of what you’d like to be in there and then search the internet to see if there’s anything you missed.

The obvious items include a crib, a small wardrobe, a small chest of draws, an area for toys and then items such as mobiles and child orientated lighting. There are plenty of places where you could get a full set of solid oak furniture, whether you feel the need for a full adult range of furniture, or pieces that would suit a child.

The nursery could also be a place for diaper changing and so perhaps incorporating a diaper changing dock and a place to keep all the necessary equipment for all those messy encounters would be a good idea.

Before you start moving in any furniture, however, you have to make the room child friendly, so that means limiting accessibility to things like plug sockets and sharp edges. Ensure that any play area is out of the way of anything potentially dangerous for when the baby is on the floor playing with toys. The doorway needs to have a child gate on it too so that there is no risk of the child escaping onto the landing or stairway.

Next comes decorating. Depending on how you like to go about it, the room may be painted with the baby’s interests in mind and go with a very colorful and child orientated design, or you could go with something that’s becoming more popular and going for a more contemporary look.

It’s best to ensure that the room has a carpeted floor as opposed to hard flooring and it’s always a nice touch to add plenty of cushions and other soft furnishings.

When it comes to lighting, make sure that the room is well lit during the day. At night, it might be good to get a night light, as some babies sleep better with soft lighting on during the night.

Kick Start Early Development with Colorful Furniture

Nursery Decor - Image courtesy of VertbaudetOne of the biggest expenditures you are likely to have when having a baby is on the furniture for the nursery, so it is worth spending some time thinking about what you need and want, and how the nursery furniture is going to fit into your home now and in the future.

You need to have an idea of how much space you have to play with – is the baby going to have its own room, or sleep in with you for the moment?  What kind of layout, colors and themes would you like for the space, and for how long will it be a nursery – do you plan on having more children?  Finally, with what kind of budget are you working?

The key piece of furniture will, of course, be the baby’s bed, or cot.  This can either be a cot designed for small babies only, which will last until your child is around two years old, or a cot bed which can be extended and converted into a larger toddler bed without sides which will suit a child until they are around four or five.  Which you choose is a matter of your personal preference, although you should make sure that whatever you choose will fit into the available space both now and when expanded. Your baby’s cot is likely to be the main focus of the nursery, so build the other features around it; how much other available space is there once the cot is installed?

The default option for baby furniture is often white or cream, but there are many other options for children’s furniture these days.  Why not brighten up the nursery with some stimulating bright colors that have the advantage of being appealing to young children too, thus ensuring you do not have demands for a change of decoration as your children get to school age?  A well-made, brightly colored bookcase, for example, may be suitable right through to the teenage years.

Babies respond well to primary colors  with many studies showing that colors such as fire engine red, or primrose yellow, can stimulate and increase brain activity.  The first years are the most important in brain development, with the creation of brain synapses directly linked to stimulation, and the creation of those synapses pretty much complete by the age of three.  So why not use your nursery furniture to surround your baby with comforting yet stimulating images?  Buck the neutrals trend and brighten up your nursery with a sky blue cot, for example, teamed with a deep yellow bookcase.  Do not go over the top though – if your furniture is bright and bold, keep walls to a more neutral palette.

The last touches to the nursery will be in the fabrics and furnishings, which can also be used to brighten up a room.  If the furniture itself is bright, make sure that your bedding, for example, tones in with the rest of the décor.

4 Ways to Save on the Cost of Baby Furniture

Modern Baby Furniture

Most couples get really excited in setting up their baby’s nursery, right? Of course, we all want to give the best for our kids and that includes giving our little one only the best nursery.

Most baby furniture cost a lot of money. With the economic recession, it’s more practical for parents to save on the cost of baby furniture. Remember, the aesthetic look of the nursery is just secondary to the other needs of the new baby.

So here are four ways on how to save on the cost of baby furniture:

1.    Plan ahead and think of your budget. Before deciding to hit the store for new baby furniture, it’s best that you plan first all the things that you need. It’s also important that you are able to set your budget so that you can plan wisely. Otherwise, you might end up purchasing a lot of new baby furniture which would cost you a fortune. As soon as you have identified your budget, make a list of all the things that you need- a crib, accessories, dresser, changing table, etc. Once you have your list, identify the items which you really need to buy and those which you can borrow from relatives or friends. Just buy only those items which are necessary.

2.    Add baby furniture on your registry. If you have a baby registry, make it a point that you include baby furniture on it. If friends and relatives pool their money, they may be able to purchase expensive items listed on a registry like nursery furniture or a crib. If no one buys it, you can just buy the furniture later. Take note that some stores or shops offer discounts or deals on purchases of registry items so why not take advantage of that? You would be able to save a lot of money.

3.    Don’t buy extra items. Sometimes, people tend to buy extra items for baby furniture. Take note of the essential things for your baby. Ask yourself- do I really need extra drawers underneath baby’s crib? Special beddings? A lot of things may pop up along the way but keep in mind that the extra items may seem appealing but you would only be wasting your money if you buy them. Simply stick to your budget.

4.    Avail of promos and shop early. As much as possible, try to take advantage of sales and other great deals. Try to ask around for the best deals or go online to research. You can also purchase baby furniture as early as possible so that you can compare prices.

As you may already know, the cost of having a baby overall can be quite expensive.  When you can save here and there, it not only makes having a baby more affordable, but it also gives you the opportunity to spend your money on other things you may need or want.

Coolest High Chair Ever

I wish I could tell you where you can go buy one of these, but unfortunately it’s a custom piece of furniture that a friend of my brother-in-law’s made for his granddaughter. She’ll either grow to love giraffes or to be scared of them, but I would definitely argue that this giraffe high chair is the coolest thing ever.


Giraffe High Chair

Giraffe High Chair - Front

Giraffe High Chair - Side View