Keep Your Kids Safe When Swimming!

Swimming is a fantastic way to stay in shape and have fun, and you can do it alone or with a group of friends and family. No other exercise is as effective when it comes to giving your muscles a work out. Some people prefer to ‘plonk’ themselves into the water and just chill out, while others prefer to knock out a dozen lengths. But one factor we often overlook, is how dangerous it can be if we lose concentration. Drowning can take place in a few inches of water, and we are talking about at least one or two meters here. When it comes to our kids, we need to be doubly aware. This fact should not stop you from allowing your kids to go in the pool, but will give you some peace of mind the next time that they do.

Children and Swimming Safety

Always Be Around

No matter how good at the crawl your kids are, never let them swim without adult supervision. You cannot be too careful and they may get cramp at any time. Children can be quite clumsy, especially when having lots of fun. They can bag their heads on the side of the pool very easily. Always be around and do not be tempted to pop indoors for a short while, it only takes a minute for tragedy to strike.

Non Swimmers

If you have any children that cannot swim, do not let them play near the pool, or any open water source. Even if you are around, you can easily get distracted and lose sight of them. At some point you should teach them to swim, but until then ensure they stay away from the pool.

Safety Measures

It is a very good idea to erect a fence around your pool, especially with young children in your household. You can choose from some snazzy designs and add to your pool feature whilst increasing the safety factor. A pool cover is a good idea for when it gets colder, but make sure that it is a good fit. There have been a number of accidents involving children falling through the cover and not surviving. With this in mind, ensure your kids are taught to stay away when the pool is covered up.

Floats And Rafts

You can have hours of fun with a few inflatable animals and an airbed floating in your pool. But they are also good to have around for safety reasons. You never know when you may be struggling to get to the edge, or your kids may be out of breath. These offer a safe place to rest for a few minutes until you get your energy back.

Swimming Lessons

Once your kids are old enough to walk and talk, they are old enough to learn to swim. This doesn’t mean you should fling your two year old into the deep end! But you can introduce them to the water, with supervision, and let them get used to the sensation. The sooner that they become confident swimmers, the sooner they are removed from immediate danger.

Rod Tuckers provides swimming pool service in Fairfield CT. A father of two, he believes that knowing how to swim is essential and advises parents to keep a watchful eye.

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